BOTOX cosmetic for lip and perioral enhancement

BOTOX cosmetic for lip and perioral enhancement.

BOTOX cosmetic for lip and perioral enhancement

Autor(es) Gordon RW

Resumo BTX-A cosmetic injections around the lip and perioral area take approximately 20 minutes of clinical time to perform. The procedure is a minimally invasive way to provide substantial cosmetic improvement to the signs of aging around the lips and can provide an adjunct to lip augmentation. Incorporating this new treatment into your clinical practice requires additional training. It is best to attend training on both BTX-A injectable fillers for a complete education. (There a many more techniques and injection locations for different lip and perioral cosmetic effects). The above case and dosages demonstrated a conservative approach to achieve a superior lip and perioral result. 

Assunto(s) Toxinas Botulínicas Tipo A/administração & dosagem; Estética Dentária; Lábio/anatomia & histologia; Feminino; Humanos; Injeções Intramusculares; Meia-Idade; Rejuvenescimento; Envelhecimento da Pele


Fonte: Dent Today;28(5): 94-7, 2009 May.

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